Friday, July 25, 2008

Creating a Cube in SSAS 2008

As noted in Part 1, OLAP presents Business Intelligence via what is known as a CUBE. A Cube has many dimensions and it provides a faster method to access the buried intelligence compared to the structured querying where the overhead of 'Joins' makes it inefficient. Taking the example of a 'Sales' Cube having everything related to sales we can identify the dimensions as the Sales Outlet, The Customers , The Products and the Time period over which sales are being audited or looked into, etc. We also notice that there are certain measures that we are interested in related to these 'dimensions' , like 'Store Sales', 'Cost of Products, 'number of units sold' etc. The Analysis Services analyzes these intricate relationship that exist in a cube. In this part we will see the process of creating a Cube in VS 2008.

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Cube with SSAS using VS2008

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