Thursday, June 26, 2008

Possible bug in SSRS 2008 with SQL Server 2008 RC0

This information is for those who may not access the Microsoft Bug Report site:

Initial Status of my SQL Server 2008 installations:
Feb 2008 CTP as well as SQL Server 2008 RC0 are installed on a Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2 upgraded to SP3. This is a Laptop computer with a wired or wireless networking with other computers.
For Feb CTP I had chosen a default instance of SQL Server and for the RC0 I chose a named instance.
In both cases I had chosen native mode for the SSRS 2008.
Settings on Web Service URL:
Named instance:
P Address All Assigned
TCP Port: 8080
SSL: Not selected
Browser: IE 7.0
http://hodentek2:8080/ReportServer_SANGAM OK
http://localhost:8080/ReportServer_SANGAM OK
While trying to access
it came up with a login prompt for which computer admin login
passowrd were supplied;
Result: Server Error in '/ReportServer_SANGAM' Application.Access is Denied.(0x80070005(E_AccessDenied)(Probably to do with ASP.NT requestientity)
Named instance:
IP Address All Assigned
TCP Port: 8080
SSL: Not selected
Browser: FireFox 2.0 All browsing resulted in Action Denied.
Default instance:
IP Address default
TCP Port: default(8080)
SSL: Not selected
Browser: IE 7.0
http://hodentek2:8080/ReportServer OK

http://localhost:8080/ReportServer Web Page cannot e found (HTTP 400) HTTP 400 HTTP 400
Reserved URL's with HTTPCFG: [Note: ACL's removed]
httpcfg query urlacl /u
on my computer which is running Windows XP Professional.

http://*:2869/http://+:8080/Reports/------------>Feb CTP

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