Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HTTP Configuration Utility and Windows XP Professional

Web server administration tasks can be managed using the HTTP API. HTTPCFG.exe is the tool that you can use. Applications can communicate over HTTP without the presence of a web server.

An example of this is the SQL Server Reporting Services that comes with a default installation of SQL Server 2008 presently in RC0. SSRS 2008 became independent of Internet Information Services and has its own reserved URI. SSRS 2005 was dependent on IIS.

You can add query/Add/delete/ namespace reservations using this API. This allows administrators to use this to set up URI namespaces reservations and protect them with ACLs[Access ControlLists] so that only specified clients can access them. You can do other things as well.

While Windows Server 2003 is the system requirement for using this tool it can also be used in Windows XP Professional.

Using the httpcfg tool is described here.

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