Monday, June 30, 2008

Elaborating on Report Builder in SQL Server 2008

A definitive version of SQL Server 2008 is still not available. The latest available version is the RC0. This was released in June 2008 .

The Report Builder 2.0 in RC0 is a separate install and it is contained in a "Feature Pack". You will not be able to launch with'One Click" from Report Manager in RC0.

The Report Builder that you can launch from Report Manager in RC0 is still the old Report Builder 1.0 [came with Feb CTP in my case] Note:Interface looks quite different from Report Builder 2.0.

Here is something that can confuse you as it confused me. I asked questions
and found this answer. I am not entirely satisfied.

Report Builder 2.0(RC0) has the same functionality as Report Designer Preview which came with Feb 2008 CTP.

Report Builder 2.0(RC0) does not have the same functionality as Report Builder 1.0 in the Feb CTP.
This is how the Report Builder 1.0 looks like.

1)You can create a New "Report" in which case it can connect to an existing SQL Server which is a native mode Report Server installed on a named instance of SQL Server 2008. But you cannot create, because it will throw an error if you try to connect to the named instance or any other instance.
The error "You cannot connect to it because "Specifying credentials in a URL is not supported"

There is no further explanation. Typical of clueless messages.

2)For a fresh install no report models exist, and therefore you cannot connect to a source.

3)You could open a file and look for a .rdl file to open but you will get the following (reason)error.

System.IO.StreamReader: The Report element was not found.

Note: I tried to connect to a *.rdl file created on Report Builder 2.0 using a SQL Server 2008 RC0 database and the program says it cannot open this item in the Report Builder because of the above reason.

Conclusion: Pretty wasted effort trying to use Report Builder 1.0 with SQL Server 2008 RC0

My question boils down to : Are these three one and the same in different stages of evolution?
Report Builder 1.0, Report Builder 2.0 and Report Designer Preview?

Here is how Report Builder 2.0 looks like:

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