Saturday, March 22, 2008

Strangers in a strange land

During early 1960's walking around Kempegowda Circle in Bangalore I used to see these strange people selling odd things whose total value did not exceed a few rupees at that time. They definitely looked strange and they looked even stranger because their fair skins were scorched dark by the southern sun. These were the refugees from Tibet and they had come as far as they could. It was heartbreaking to think of them as refugees, and they had come from the very abode of the gods.

My sympathies are with the Tibetans who have been displaced. Indian Government gave them refuge and made 'Dharmashala' lives upto its name, dispensing Dharma. But economic ties and pragmatism has driven India to the cautious side which does not help these people. The World is sitting on the side walk and seems not to have lifted a finger.

It's time for China to give autonomy to Tibet if not an outright independence.

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or look for Sera-Je

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