Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strange behaviour of Data Link File

Problem started here...
I removed an instance of SQL Server 2005 (evaluation edition) but some how parts of it remained. I tried to clean up to remove the existing SSRS and in the process the ability to create a UDL file presented a problem.

The Problem
In the Data Link properties page when I try to refresh the server I get the 'Microsoft Data Link error "Error enumerating data servers. Enumerator reports Únspecified Error". Normally it would reveal all available servers.

My troubelshooting begins...

I associated this with the MS Ole DB errors (bad guess) and tried to repair the MDAC 2.8 which in itself was another tedious web search followed by a final repair. Apparently this is not straight forward with Windows XP SP2. You need the original CD's and also know where the files are(see tags). This was a good resource I found on the web.

And now..
However this did not solve the original problem. Probably there was no error with the MS OLEDB but something else that the Wizard is doing. This is the problem with the Graphic User Interfaces.

Now instead of hitting the Refresh button on Data Link Properties window, I directly enter the local server with a [.] & enter the credentials. Now the connectivity test succeeds.

I still do not understand what caused the problem.

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