Monday, March 10, 2008

Silverlight(1.0) - 101

There are many products that can deliver rich internet applications to the user which includes Java, Adobe, Google, Yahoo, several JavaScript based frame works which includes Silverlight from Microsoft. Silverlight has moved to version 2.0 which is still in Beta. This article is based on Silverlight 1.0

Read this Silverlight 1.0 article to get a full flavor of what is needed to get Silverlight experience with your browser. This is a beginners tutorial, and if you already know how to work with Silverlight this may not be for you. There is so much written up on Silverlight 1.0 from its early days to the present that there are different ways of referring namespaces that a beginner can find it difficult to comprehend. The present article places the code in the article in the defined context of the article.

Silverlight 101

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