Saturday, March 29, 2008

Panorama: SQL Anywhere 11's BETA is out

I down loaded 'Panorama' and installed it on the same machine side by side with others SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10G Xe, IBM DB2 and also SQL Anywhere 10.

Initial findings extremely encouraging...

* The installation was uneventful, easy and smooth. A very positive feature

* The document installation was easy

* Visual improvements many, especially the dialogue boxes for connections [ the only one I evaluated in detail]

* The installation updated the .NET related items that you would see on VS 2005, namely, the Sybase Central and ISQLAnywhere.
* Ás per my original wishes, SQL Anywhere queries can now return data in 'JSON'

* Here is a quick view of the 'Demo' database's overview in Sybase Central 11.

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