Monday, March 31, 2008

New HTML 5 tags and IE 8.0 Beta

I tried some of the HTML 5 only tags and did not see any difference. It could not play audio and Video. The browser was not using the IE 7.0 Emulate switch.

One thing did happen: My Blog editor went crazy. Lost the place holder for Title and the formatting buttons on the editor lost control. This was posted using FireFox 2.0.

Can the new tags be used in CSS rules?
<article><aside><audio src="http://localhost/bing.wav">Can you hear this?</audio>
<figure><footer><header><m>Local News>/m><meter>
<time>Monday March 31, 2008</time>
<video src="http://localhost/WHIDBEY_03.wmv">Do you see this displayed?</video>

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