Sunday, June 17, 2007

Configuring Web email's SMTP and POP servers

You do not have an ISP's Mail account , or you want a web based SMTP/POP access on your Laptop, but you do have a email client, no problem. You can use GMail (or Yahoo Mail) to send / receive emails provided you have a Google (Yahoo) Email account.

This is not special to Google (Yahoo), you can do this with many others. Do not configure two email accounts as you will get twice the emails, one from each account.

The following recipe (not mine, but Google's) does this set up for you. But before you do this, you need to login to your email account and once there, go to the Settings page. In Settings click on the menu item, Forwarding and POP. Now Click on the radio button, Enable POP for all mail that arrives from now. After this follow one of the following:

1. You can download Gmail's GmailConfig.exe and run it from your computer

2. You open up your email client's Account from the menu item, Tools (the following screen shots are for the email client, Microsoft Outlook Express 6) and make the appropriate entries into some of the tabbed pages. For the ones not shown here, the defaults are used.

In the page opened by your General tab you need to type in your Gmail account as shown. You can give your own name for the first box.

In the page opened by the Server's tab you type in as shown in the next figure. Do not forget the check marks.

In the page opened by the Advanced tab make these entries and click OK. The account is now ready.

This is all that is needed.

'Happy Emailing.

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Helen said...

Jayaram, you provide this page as a link from your book for Beginner SSIS. However, I am not sure how to integrate the instructions here with the instructions for configuring the Send Mail Task. Will you help? Protection Status