Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fresh from the oven articles

Check them out:

Exploring Access 2007

JSON Basics

How to Use the ListBox Control in ASP.NET 2.0

How to Use the Oracle SQL Developer Tool

Duty free headache

I tried to buy a liter of Chivas Regal at Nagoya airport in Japan at the duty free shop and I was told that Northwest Airlines does not allow passengers to carry liquids on board. However, it turns out you may buy from Northwest once you are on the plane.

If you do purchase one on the aircraft, you will soon find that at Detroit where you will be connecting to a domestic destination, you will be asked to check-in the bottle as a baggage. Now you need to find a baggage to put in your bottle and then take it to a Northwest desk so that he can check it in. You will end up doing this, assuming you have enough time to catch the connecting flight.

This is a truly frustrating experience. One more reason to give up the booze.

Here is a list of my XML / Javascript articles

Here is the list you may be intreseted in looking up:

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Links to my articles on Web Services

Here is a collection of my articles on web services that you may want to review:

Web Services and SOA will be future trends in business IT get a Jump start on them !!!

Web Service Calling with VB 6.0:

Calling a Web Service using VB6 with SOAP 3.0

Cold Fusion related:

Creating a VB.NET Client for a ColdFusion Web Service

Creating a Web Service with ColdFusion: the Basics

ColdFusion WS Consumer for a WS Created in VS2003

Using Web Matrix:

Creating a Web Service with Web Matrix

Consuming a Service Created with Web Matrix

On Web Services Enhancements 2.0:

Exploring the Pipeline Class Using Web Services Enhancements SP2

Exploring the Header in the WSE 2.0 SoapEnvelope Class

Exploring the SoapEnvelope Class in WSE2.0

Visual Studio .NET Client / Server:

Encoding/Decoding Web Service: Service Consumer

Encoding/Decoding Web Service: Web Service Provider

Client calling with Sun Java Studio Creator:

JSP Consumer for a Visual Studio Created Web Service Using Sun Java Studio Creator

Crystal Report as a service with VS 2003:

Publishing Crystal Report as a Web Service

Using Sybase Central:

Using SQL Anywhere Database with a Web Services Server

Using the Oracle 10G XE IDE:

Creating an Oracle Web Service Client for a Web Service Created in VS 2005

Using Microsoft Access 2003

MS Access Project Using Multiple Web Services

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dojo TabContainer in 3 browsers

All browsers are not created equal (in fact they are created unequal).

The Dojo TabContainer displays tabbed pages with a variety of content placed in them in content panes which are containers for content.

Many web site especially those that have a lot of information on them such as the eCommerce sites have a need for a large number of tabbed pages. How does a large number of tabs render when browsed. The picture shows how the three browsers render a resized web page with these user interfaces.

Mini conclusion: FireFox 2.0 and Opera 9.01 does better than IE 7.0

Global Warming and the wars

There were major wars and some are still in progress. Bombs get exploded day after day, bombs are dropped almost every day. How do these contribute to warming and poisoning of our atmosphere.

Who is going to pay for this damage?

Is there an estimate of how much these unfortunate, but inevitable conflicts contribute to global warming?

What do you think?

Gartner Group against Open Source Tool kits

I got this over the internet. Is it true?

"We read a Gartner Group report that said the Microsoft system was the simplest to use among the commercial vendors and that open-source toolkits weren't worth considering."

What do you think? Protection Status