Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do you call this progress?

My brother quit his teaching position in India recently and the reason was the all too familiar mantra, money, money.

Medical schools in India, especially the privately run institutions take huge donations from students at admisison time (thank you, NRI). Once admitted they pass through the system without much of an effort on their part. My brother was ordered by the management not to take too much time of the Post-Graduates' time and harass them or else. This is because the managment has taken a lot of money and a pass is automatic. Attendance is all that is needed.

No wonder few miles out of Bangalore you see billboards such as,MOTTEN AND MEET SHOP METERNATYAND CHID CORE CENRTES and numerous other hilarious ones. You may also access letters to forums from recently 'educated' Indians, and you can have lot more fun.

Raw statistics, conversions and going rate for medical school admissions.

1 lakh = 100000.
1 crore = 10000000
1$=45.00 Rupees approximately

Four years ago a neutro-surgery seat at an institution in the State of Karnataka went for 1.4 crores and a cardio seat went for 1.0 crores. There are lots of aspirants from NRI's children living in USA, Britain, Australia, and the Middel East.
For a country bent on showing off its colours and progress this is pathetic.

Compromise on quality and you are in deep.....

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