Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do you want to know how to work with Attachments in MS Access 2007?

This is a comprehensive, must read article on Attachments in MS Access 2007.

Shows an example of how to add multiple attachments to a record and work with it.

Working with Attachment data type in Microsoft Access 2007

January articles are ready

Look out for these articles fresh from the oven at a web site near you:

AJAX Extensions and AJAX Control Toolkit related:
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AnimationExtender Component in AjaxControlToolkit (ACT) 

MS Access 2007 related
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Linking SQL Express 2005 Tables to MS Access 2007

DOJO AJAX and JSON related

Dojo Toolkit Wizard vs. Microsoft's web wizard
JSON Basics

ASP.NET 2.0 related:
On Using ListBox Control in ASP.NET 2.0
On Loading XML Documents in ASP.NET 2.0

Oracle SQL Developer Tool related:
On Using the Oracle SQL Developer tool

Sun Java Studio Creator related:
Using Sun Java Studio Creator with SVG

Monday, January 29, 2007

Data from in three browsers

I have a JSON format of data saved on my IIS server. When I access this using the the data gets displayed as follows in the three browsers (IE 7.0, FireFox2.0 and Opera 9.0):

[a]: Display with file accessed from a folder

Only IE 7.0 returned the data correctly.

[b]: Display when the file accessed from the intranet site(browsed on the IIS web site)

The writing to the browser was by
dojo.byId('x').innerHTML = data;

Both IE 7.0 and FireFox 2.0 returned the data correctly

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dojo Tutorials - the basic type

These are really simple tutorials that give you a flavour of what dojo toolkit has set out to accomplish. Simpy stated it is awesome. Check out for yourself using this learning guide brought to you by yours truly.

This one is especially for those who use IIS although you can provide any relative reference to the javascript script files that are necessary. This article shows how you can start off and create nice looking buttons and accordion panes. It also shows how they appear in three moderen browsers, IE 7.0, FireFox 2.0 and Opera 9.01.

Rich Internet Applications with Dojo Toolkit 101

Escape from the drab looking tooltip text of the windows programs. You may even see a sliding show using marquee (hush, hush). While marquee is not kosher stuff, the dill pickle you will see is every bit tasty.

On Using the Dojo Tooltip Widget

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do you call this progress?

My brother quit his teaching position in India recently and the reason was the all too familiar mantra, money, money.

Medical schools in India, especially the privately run institutions take huge donations from students at admisison time (thank you, NRI). Once admitted they pass through the system without much of an effort on their part. My brother was ordered by the management not to take too much time of the Post-Graduates' time and harass them or else. This is because the managment has taken a lot of money and a pass is automatic. Attendance is all that is needed.

No wonder few miles out of Bangalore you see billboards such as,MOTTEN AND MEET SHOP METERNATYAND CHID CORE CENRTES and numerous other hilarious ones. You may also access letters to forums from recently 'educated' Indians, and you can have lot more fun.

Raw statistics, conversions and going rate for medical school admissions.

1 lakh = 100000.
1 crore = 10000000
1$=45.00 Rupees approximately

Four years ago a neutro-surgery seat at an institution in the State of Karnataka went for 1.4 crores and a cardio seat went for 1.0 crores. There are lots of aspirants from NRI's children living in USA, Britain, Australia, and the Middel East.
For a country bent on showing off its colours and progress this is pathetic.

Compromise on quality and you are in deep.....

Few more new articles for your week end reading

There is an answer to the question whether MS Access Project support directionality in its parameters.

Working with Stored Procedures in an MS Access Project

Dear IIS User:
Get a head start with this article
Rich Internet Applications with Dojo Toolkit 101

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Check out the new articles that have appeared recently

Covers a wide range of topics.

Exploring the SoapEnvelope Class in WSE2.0

Exploring the Header in the WSE 2.0 SoapEnvelope Class

Managing Windows Services with Visual Studio 2005

Updating Records in MS Access

Creating and Using Action Queries

Creating Data Access Pages with Charts using Office Web Components

Retrieving Data from a SQL Server 2005 Database Using the SQL DataSource Control in ASP.NET 2.0

I look forward to your feedback on these articles if you happen to look them up.

Native support in databases for JSON?

When XML came into vogue Database vendors started providing native support for XML in the form of XML type in addition to the other data types. JSON (Javascript Object Notation)appears to be wire-friendly with a smaller size than equivalent XML although it is not as broadly applicable as XML.
Are we going to see native support for JSON in some form? May be some thing like :
Select * from tableName
for JSON

Friday, January 05, 2007

Water by Deepa Mehta

Wonderful film with great acting and haunting music. Perhaps flute being the simplest of instruments makes the greatest impact. For a moment I thought it was flute by Carlos Nagai. To understand ancient India (well, even now there are pockets where it is practiced) this is a must film.

River could have been a more appropriate title.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Monterey - Carmel

I am lost for words to title this wonderment
What a work of art, these 17 miles

Monday, January 01, 2007

It was a very good year

Writing has its own rewards. Letters from people who found the articles useful make me happy and gives me yet another reason to write. Internet has made the readership extend beyond geographical limits. The number of readers who visited the articles have exceeded ~1.7 million. All together it was good year, and I shall try to make 2007 as fruitful as 2006.

Here is the count for this year: 70 articles 14 articles 18 articles 6 articles and counting...

Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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