Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is a good read

"they thought they were free' - the germans 1933-45, The University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 0-226-51192-8 is perhaps more far-sighted than most far-sighted books on the Germanic people. Milton Mayer's account of Nazism and the aftermath of the war is very compelling in its arguments. This book makes you understand not only WWII, but about all wars including the one in Iraq. How long will it take to change something which was there for time immemorial, something that is imprinted with indelible ink?

ADO command object you wanted to know

Read this article to get the full picture of ADO command object without using the Parameters collection which is associated with it.

ADO and the Command Object

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who was G. W. M. Reynolds?

A master story teller

He was a contemporary of Charles Dickens but he lived as an exile in France. His exile had to do with his writings against the royalty. That is what my father told me a long time ago and my father has been living in Vaikunta for the past 33 years.

I read a large number of his books [encouraged by my father] and only recently I could find some information on them. I have given here a list of books I read, and enjoyed and urge the readers of my blog to check them out. These books are not easily available, probably extinct. The Superior Watch Company in Madras, India printed some of them many, many years ago on somewhat poor quality (state of the art) paper. They were available in the 60's in Madras's famous Moore Market. But now I cannot find them. Anyway here are some of his books with some information I got from:

Robert Macaire,” December 11, 1848.
Mary Price; or, The Memoirs of a Servant Girl,” November 1, 1851.
Joseph Wilmot; or, The Memoirs of a Man Servant,” July 29, 1853.
Rosa Lambert; or, The Memoirs of an Unfortunate Woman,” November 4, 1853.
Faust” was published by G. Vickers, 28, Holywell Street, February 13, 1847.
Ellen Percy; or, The Memoirs of an Actress,” January 10, 1855.
The Necromancer,” November 23, 1856.
Canonbury House,” December 5, 1869.
Mary Stuart: Queen of Scots,” September 3, 1860.
Pope Joan, The Female Pontiff,” May 3 [?], 1858.
I believe that it was in Faust I read about the conversation between the Devil and the
one who sold his soul to the Devil. It was very moving because the Devil admits that he gets often defeated by God and laments about it with great sorrow.

Vaikunta: The heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi. This is the destination for Sri Vaishnavas [those who believe in God Vishnu] when they leave this world.

Consider Sun Java Creator 2 for RIA

Displaying data the Sun way is Fun.

It's not only Microsoft that can deliver code less data display, Sun does too.

With Sun Java Creator 2, you can do everything you can with ADO.NET a la Microsoft.
Check out the following tutorial.

Displaying Data from a Data-centric Web Page with Sun Java Creator 2

Going to use ADO Data Control--You must read this article

Three ways to go

ADO control is Pre.NET era's most versatile data control from Microsoft. There are three ways you can hook them up and this article gives the full dope on these.

On Wiring Up an ADO Data Control

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

A very nobel story

But it is not a story. One man can still make a change. This is truly ennobling news this Saturday morning.

Log on to NY Times: Asia Pacific

Peace Prize to Pioneer of Loans to Poor No Bank Would Touch

Friday, October 13, 2006

RAD on Steroids

It is true

It's not only athletes who take steroids, even programs can. AccessDataSource control takes you the very center of RAD. Writing code is almost reduced to a single line. No more connection strings that tangle here, there and everywhere. Most of what you want to do can be done at design time. The IDE even gives you a query editor.Click the mouse a few times, sit back and relax. The article also shows how you may bind the data from this control to the Grid View control - datagrid on steroid, if I may say so.

Read this article:

Using the AccessDataSource Control in VS 2005

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oracle Developer Tool Integration with VS 2003

This article gives you a clear introduction to this important toolset. You will see Oracle objects which can be dragged and dropped into VS Apps (but only with VS2003).

Using Oracle Developer Tools with Visual Studio

Hats off to Bronx Zoo

A real role model for other zoos

I quote from an article on 'Elephant Crakup?' which appeared in NY Times this morning.

Bronx Zoo, one of the oldest and most formidable zoos in the country, had announced that upon the death of the zoo’s three current elephant inhabitants, Patty, Maxine and Happy, it would phase out its elephant exhibit on social-behavioral grounds — an acknowledgment of a new awareness of the elephant’s very particular sensibility and needs

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Basic to advanced MS Access -Look no further

There are more than 20+ articles on MS Access from simple examples to migration where you can find answers to your basic to advanced questions.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hodentek -eStore open for business

Hodentek - eStore
The purchases you make here will pay for some of the sites I maintain to help programmers like you and me. If you do find something you want to buy please buy from this site.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Everything you wanted to know about DTS

These articles should provide you a very good idea about how to use
DTS in SQL 2000 Server.

Copying a Table from Oracle 10G XE to SQL 2000 Server using DTS

Using Data Transformation Services: Can We Transfer XML Data?

Using Data Transformation Services: How to Configure a Dynamic Property Task

Using Data Transformation Services, Part 12:Import From / Export To a Non-Microsoft Database

Using Data Transformation Services: Capture Recordset with a Global Variable

Using Data Transformation Services: Using Global Variables with the DTS Designer

Using Data Transformation Services: Using DTS Lookups, Introduction

Using Data Transformation Services: Package Execution Using SQL Server Agent, Introduction

Using Data Transformation Services, part 7: Transferring Files with DTS

Using Data Transformation Services, part 6: Intro to Text Transfer with Filtering

Using Data Transformation Services, part 5: Package Execution with ASP.NET

Using Data Transformation Services, part 4: Using the DTS Designer Objects (continued-2)

Using Data Transformation Services, part 3: Using the DTS Designer Objects (continued)

Using Data Transformation Services, part 2: Using the DTS Designer Objects

Using Data Transformation Services - Part 1

September Articles that will go on line

The following artciles should be going on line any time soon at: and

VS 2005:
Generating a Simple Crystal Report using VS 2005
ASP.NET 2.0 Master Page in three steps
Web Site Navigation Using a SiteMap
Why and How of the SplitContainer Control
Secure Way of building Connection Strings - SqlConnectionStringBuilder
Basic Usage of MultiView and View Controls in ASP.NET

Using MSXML3.0 with VB 6.0
ADO:ADO and the Command Object
On wiring up an ADO data control

Data Centric Web Page with Sun Java Creator 2 Protection Status