Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movies seen

Human Resources(French)

Who said there is no age and sex discrimination in any of our contemporary societies?
This is a country agnostic, but quite transparent fact of our life. However, the laws of the lands seems to portary otherwise.

It's slow pace may not be suitable for those who want eye candy and
instant gratification.

Very nice movie by Laurent Cantet which you should not miss.
My rating [0n a scale of 10]: 5

Tous Les Matins Du Monde (French)
Love defies death and lingers on and grows for the hero, Saint Colombe whose
other obsession is his music. There is excellent music especially if you like
cello. Despite the bulky Depardeau the movie is very nice. If you get a chance
don't miss this movie.
My rating [On a scle of 10]: 4

In No Man's Land (Serbo-Croatian)
Quite a quiet masterpiece by Danis Tanovic.
It does a good job of dissecting a conflict, and portrays how political solutions to conflicts
are dished out to unsuspecting public and the media.
This is a must see movie.
My rating[On a scale of 10]: 7

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