Tuesday, July 04, 2006

June 2006 Articles

New articles written during June 2006
Loading Spread Sheet Data into Oracle 10G XE
Migrating from Oracle 10G XE to SQL Anywhere 10
On Using AccessDataSource Control in VS 2005
Provider Factory in ADO.NET 2.0
On Using ADO's Record Object with URLS
Exporting XML from MS Access 2003
Importing XML into MS Access 2003
A demo using the Wizard Control in ASP.NET 2.0
The Why? and How? of XML Data Islands
Introducing Jasper (SQL Anywhere 10 Beta)

All these articles should appear on one of these sites:

This month was crowded with activities. There was World Cup and I wanted to watch my favorites (the Brazilian team) win, but alas! they did not.
The semi-finals between Italy and Germany was fantastic and there was a big party at Circo Maximo in Rome. How I wish I was there with a glass in my hand and my favorite girl, my wife with me? But anyway, I did put in some work to get the articles going.

Jasper (Sql Anywhere 10 in beta) is real cool.

Flex2 is not in beta anymore. I miss coding with it, because I cannot aford to buy it, just because I fancy it.

Exporting XML from Access 2003 works great, but not importing XML.

I did get this other article on Oracle 10G XE online as well in June. It's about creating a front end program for Oracle 10G XE using none other than MS Access 2003. Well, Oracle 10G XE also has an excellent built-in application tool. But it is always good to know an alternative method. Actually, MS Access 2003 does a good job of it. Read more on this at:
Creating an MS Access 2003 Front End for an Oracle 10g Express Edition Database

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