Friday, July 21, 2006

Do you have problems in coding for double quotes?

Try this script. Type it on Notepad and save it as .htm, or .html file. Make sure in the Save dialog you first set the file type to 'All Files'

<TITLE>Double Quotes </TITLE>
document.write("ok" & "<br>")
document.write(chr(34) & "OK" &amp;amp;amp; chr(34) & "<br>")
document.write("Now" & "<br>")
document.write(chr(34) & "" &amp;amp;amp; chr(34) & "," &amp;chr(34) & "" &amp; chr(34)& "," &amp; chr(34) & "" &amp; chr(34)& "<br>")
July 21, 2006<br>
Hello, Double Quotes
When you browse this file with IE you should see:

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