Thursday, July 20, 2006

Creating a new database in SQL 2005 Server

Creating a new database in SQL 2005 Server

Step-by-step procedure to create a new database

It's very easy to create a SQL 2005 database using the SQL 2005 Server Management Studio. This has not changed very much from SQL Serve except that the GUI has changed somewhat and its architecture is more tightly integrated with the other services and the .NET framework. Let's go directly and create a database, and when you find time, read about it in the BOL [Book on line]. Of course you may send me an email, or look up my other SQL and database articles at:

I assume you have installed the SQL Server and you are the sa. Login and connect to the Database Engine as shown in the next picture.

If login is accepted you will see the next screen. Right click on the database node to reveal the drop-down.

On this menu click on New Database... sub-menu item.

This opens up the next window as shown. You must give a name, the name of your database; keep it simple by associating it with some functionality, like say Address_ Book, Accounting, etc. In fact this is all that is needed to create the database. I created a database called SsisEditor by typing "SsisEditor" in Database name box and clicked OK. Presto the SsisEditor database was created.

The program creates many objects in this database that are needed because the two files created during this process are important files with extensions *.mdf for data and *.ldf for the transaction log (a log for things that gets changed in the database).

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